Count sleeping hours, burned calorie, distance and more! Multifunctional wristband

We usually ignore a lot of important things that can affect our health in the future. Like sleep quality and time, not drinking enough water and many other bad habits. No more worries about that with this multifunctional wristband. Let's discover it

TW64 smart wristwatch, a smart watch that measures your daily job and activity. With TW64, you can actually experience the excellence and humanization design of the device. Bring you a pleasant and enjoyable life.
With the high-end and well-designed appearance, the portable multifunctional smart wristband is perfect in: Tracking steps, distance measurement, calorie consumption management, monitoring your sleep cycle, time displaying, warning you (for drinking, sitting for too long, waking up) with a silent wake alarm. TW64 smart watch is your perfect companion, stay with you everywhere and keep a health record of your body.


Tracking steps - Record and track steps accurately
Distance measurement - Measure you daily walking distance precisely
Calorie consumption management - Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burned calorie
Sleep cycle - Monitoring your sleep cycle automatically, record the quality of sleep
Reminder - Setting reminder for drinking, taking medicines, meeting, sitting for too long or other customized alarm
Call reminder - When incoming calls are not answered in a certain time, TW64 will remind you by vibration (Now only support Android phones)
Message reminder - When new message arrived, TW64 will remind you by vibration, in that case you will not miss any timely message (Now only support Android phones)
Remote Camera - Control your mobile to take photos (Now only support Android phones)

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The wearable technology movement has continued to gain speed over the years leaving many customers with options for home use, bring your own device, and even exercise.  Being able to reap the benefits of wearable technology at home or in the workplace has changed the shape of how we access customer information or track our fitness and well being.
One in ten U.S. adults now owns a fitness tracker, according to the latest results by NPD Group’s recent Connected Intelligent Consumers and Wearables report.  Starting in 2015 the revenue that wearable technology will gain over the next five years is predicted to raise 40-percent as consumers switch from tablet and mobile devices to smaller wearable technologies that can provide the same apps.
Wireless carriers and smartphone companies are even jumping on the bandwagon of wearable technology as it picks up traction to help compliment their mobile devices and data streaming services.  Some devices can connect directly with smartphones, cars, or even healthcare monitors.
These smart wristbands and associated services are helping users stay connected with their health and fitness.
The latest wave of new wristbands was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in January including the Misfit Shine, Lenovo Vibe Band VB10, E Fun NextOne, Healbe GoBe, and the Nabu Razer X. Find below a comprehensive list of new smart wristbands for 2015.
The Jawbone UP3 is a wearable wristband that has state of the art sensors built into it to track your health on the go.  It has a built in heart health sensor that can measure and track your resting heart rate while you are working or at home relaxing.  It can automatically sync data of your workouts onto your phone to keep track of your daily and weekly workout regimen.  It has a water resistant design along with a full week of battery life before it needs to recharge.
The advanced activity tracker allows the UP3 to learn to recognize your activities throughout each day.  Whether you are running or biking it can log the data and sync automatically to your smartphone.  It gives a detailed picture of the calories you burn throughout each work out and during the day doing other activities.  The heart health tracker uses sensors to monitor your resting heart rate and provide you with information to continue to keep it healthy.
The Jawbone UP3 has wireless syncing through Bluetooth to automatically sync your data in real time.  The auto activity sensors learns to recognize your fitness activities to give more detailed information on improving your style that fits best for use.  The UP3 has continuous updates and added features for free through the software and apps to provide the best information possible for staying healthy.
Jawbone UP3 has a heart rate tracking system built into it.  The difference between it and other tracking sensors is that the technology bioimpedance was adapted from BodyMedia, using metal studs inside that conduct the electrical measurements of the users heart.  The downside is the wearable band does not have an LED display.  This can make it difficult for some users who want to track their fitness in real time instead of uploading data to a chart on 

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